Full Duck Productions

Since 1990, Full Duck has offered a full deck of written and visual communications services, specializing in low-budget video production.

Lakewood Symphony Orchestra

Matt Switzer leads the Lakewood Symphony Orchestra

Matt Switzer leads the Lakewood Symphony Orchestra

The Lakewood Symphony Orchestra is an all volunteer organization that generates five community concerts a year. Programs could not be produced without extensive fundraising, such as auctions and garage sales, and a massive drive to increase ticket sales to fill their new venue at the Lakewood Cultural Center. Full Duck Productions volunteered to provide a 30-second Public Service Announcement for broadcast on Lakewood local channel KLTV to boost audience attendance.

Challenge: In a short 30-seconds present the excitement of a concert and present the details of date, time, place, type of program and how to purchase a ticket. Give the impression that this music is part of Lakewood’s identity as a community. As a volunteer effort, conserve time and resources to make the video.

Solution: Full Duck Productions gathered video material during a concert with the orchestra on-stage at the Lakewood Community Center, including shots of the audience. Energetic background music produced by the orchestra provided excitement for the duration of the PSA. Character graphics at the bottom of the screen continuously showed the telephone number to call for tickets. The video content started with a sparkling out-of-focus medium shot of the full orchestra, which came into focus and then cut quickly between closeups of individual players as they performed. A narrator gave the relevant information, which was reinforced with character graphics on a final screen shown over a wide shot of the whole orchestra. The entire project was accomplished with one videotaping evening at a concert and one afternoon editing session.

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