Full Duck Productions

Since 1990, Full Duck has offered a full deck of written and visual communications services, specializing in low-budget video production.


After the client gives approval to the final video product, Full Duck Productions creates a master tape in any format, such as Beta SP, mini-DV digital, Hi8mm, S-VHS, or VHS or more commonly now on DVD. Full Duck also works with your website administrator to upload your video.

At this point, Full Duck offers graphic services to design artwork for the cover, the label, the DVD or the advertising campaign. Full Duck can often create these items quite effectively using images taken right from the video itself.

Next Full Duck can provide consulting to find a company to print the covers, duplicate multiple copies and distribute the tape as the client might require. This last step of duplication and distribution should not be overlooked in the planning stages so that you can meet expectations and budgets for the entire project successfully.

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