Full Duck Productions

Since 1990, Full Duck has offered a full deck of written and visual communications services, specializing in low-budget video production.



An organization can determine a budget either by examining the script or by adopting an arbitrary budget amount. Full Duck Productions works with both types of budgets. In the first case, when a script is developed by the organization or by Full Duck, Full Duck can provide guidance to add up costs for the shooting locations, actors, technical personnel, specialized equipment, editing and final product output. In the second case, when a budget limit is predetermined, Full Duck can write or adapt a script to the required budget level.

What are the kinds of costs that go into a budget? That varies with how elaborate the project is and how many planning efforts and resources the organization can contribute. The following table shows the basic types of costs for the stages in a standard project, that is, one without camera shots from airplanes, dozens of cast members, copyrighted music, animation, and Spielberg effects.


Steps Cost Items
Goals and Audience Organization can provide and producer consults
Script Organization provides a complete script, an outline, or just ideas and producer supplies the balance
Budget Administrative time to gather quotes from technicians and suppliers necessary for the requirements of the script
Production Personnel: camera operator, director, and lighting and audio technicians; actors with costumes, makeup, props; catering if shoots are lengthy
Equipment: camera(s), lights, sound recording devices, microphones, recording tape; other depends entirely on the script and location
Post-Production Personnel: one editor, a narrator recorded at a sound studio
Equipment: one editing suite, master tape
Additional materials: music, graphics, special effects; sound effects
Distribution* Tapes, CDs or DVDs: depends on how many copies are required
Jacketing: graphics, printing
Mailing: depends on organization system




*Duplication and Distribution costs are extra, although Full Duck can recommend duplication services or make the arrangements. Production of CDs or DVDs, due to their large sizes, may involve additional editing costs at the duplication service.

Full Duck typically supplies all the above services, personnel and equipment in the table, with the exception of the actors, distribution and their associated costs, for less than $1000 for each completed minute of video. A 20-minute finished video would cost up to $20,000. This is considered a low-budget video by the industry. Most organizations are able to provide many of the materials and resources to plan an even lower budget project. Full Duck owns its own equipment to help bring down costs and can assist an organization to design an affordable package. Full Duck only charges for the services provided.

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