Full Duck Productions

Since 1990, Full Duck has offered a full deck of written and visual communications services, specializing in low-budget video production.



Editing adds the magic of bringing the script and the audio-video source material to life. Furthermore, editing augments the project by adding appropriate transitions, narration, music, pacing, graphics, and character graphics to the audio and video material. At Full Duck Productions, editing is completely computerized through the editing suite. Here is how Full Duck brings a video production project together during editing.


The Full Duck editing suite includes software that enables Full Duck to alter the audio clip and filter out specific frequencies. Although this audio “sweetening” doesn’t correct every problem in the source material, it can improve the quality. The editing suite also enables Full Duck to control the volumes and mix six different tracks at the same time, such as source audio, narration, sound effects, music, or other background sounds. Audio and video can also be separated to match the audio appropriately, such as, using the music from an event as background for an interview that occurs later in the event.


The Full Duck editing suite includes software that enables Full Duck to color correct the images in a video clip. Full Duck can alter the tint, saturation, brightness and contrast of a clip. Furthermore, Full Duck provides special effects, such as inverse black and white, sepia tones, freezing of a single video frame, slow or fast motion, reverse video, putting one video picture inside another, and applying motion effects to it.


The Full Duck editing suite includes software that enables Full Duck to apply dozens of dissolve, wipe and special effect transitions between any two video images. Full Duck can select exactly the right frame to begin the transition, such as a dissolve. Then Full Duck selects the length of the transition and the exact resolving frame in the next clip. Some examples of transitions besides dissolves that are effective are clock wipes, page turns, iris effects specified to a certain location in the frame, chroma key, cube spin, barn doors, and spin away.


Full Duck maintains a narration studio to record narration specified in the script. Narration may or may not include an image of the speaker. In either case, narration is often necessary to weave together the elements of the script and tell the story.


Full Duck subscribes to music libraries that have buyout CDs of musical cuts suitable for videos. This music is available free-of-charge to Full Duck clients.


When the audio and video tracks are both set, the entire program must be viewed and evaluated for its impact. Often the pace of the presentation of elements, such as information, music, narration and images, needs to be adjusted for pace to enable the viewer to absorb the effect. The editing suite’s digital editing timeline enables Full Duck to have complete control over each element to blend them just right.


Graphics are the frames that are not moving video. They may be a color or texture background, a collage of images from video source material, or a decorative frame for video images. Full Duck specially constructs these graphics using both the editing suite and Adobe PhotoShop. They are always designed specifically for an individual project and are based on the project source material and overall project design.

Character graphics

Full Duck designs the letters that appear in the title, subtitles, informational slates, and credits specifically for each project. The editing suite and PhotoShop both offer many fonts, colors, motion and design options that Full Duck draws upon.

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