Full Duck Productions

Since 1990, Full Duck has offered a full deck of written and visual communications services, specializing in low-budget video production.



The technology of the last century created marvelous instruments for recording images and sound. Their sensitivity enables today’s camera and audio operators to produce equally spectacular results. However, the equipment cannot do the work of the operator. Here are just a few of the issues that the operator must consider throughout the shot.

  • Where to focus the lens
  • How the light is striking the subject
  • Does the iris or white balance need to be set for the light conditions
  • Will the camera have to be moved during the shot
  • Is the background appropriate
  • How to frame the shot
  • Whether to move the zoom or change the focus during the shot
  • Is the mike picking up the sound at the right level
  • Is there distracting background sound or noise

While the operator is considering these items, before and during the shot, it is difficult to also be thinking about the demands of the script or the quality of the acting when actors are involved. The director has the job of thinking about these larger concerns and counts on the camera and audio operators to attend to the technical details. For example, the camera operator can notice problems that show up in a tightly framed shot, such as lighting picking up out of place hairs on an actor or stains on a tablecloth that a causal eye or busy director would miss. The audio operator may hear sounds through the earphones such as air conditioning or people in the next room that could completely destroy the shot. The director may not notice these distractions because of working with the actors or props in accordance with the script and because of our natural tendency to screen out those visual details and annoying sounds.

For these reasons, shooting the source material should always be done through the guidance of a director who understands the goals of the script. This leaves the camera operator free to capture the center of the action with perfect light, color, and motion and the audio technician to record clear sound.

Full Duck Productions has over 15 years of experience completing these tasks with a minimum of personnel to capture high-quality footage within the budget without compromising the final results. First Full Duck either writes the script or consults with the client to determine how the script will accomplish the goals. Then Full Duck maintains control over the shooting to make sure the best footage is obtained. Full Duck produces affordable video projects by bringing together tricks learned by experienced and skilled personnel who can combine these tasks. Finally, Full Duck uses digital equipment to acquire the highest quality footage at the least cost.

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