Full Duck Productions

Since 1990, Full Duck has offered a full deck of written and visual communications services, specializing in low-budget video production.



Full Duck Productions provides consulting services to help you and your staff determine what type of media materials you need to promote your organization’s cause, services or product. Often a mixture of written materials and audio-visual materials is the answer. The portion that the video needs to address must be identified so that the steps to complete the video can be taken efficiently.

For example, a video cannot present the level of detail presented in a maintenance manual; however, it can show complicated steps in the operation of a piece of equipment more clearly than ten pages of written words. In this case, perhaps what is needed is an operation manual with a companion video that provides demonstrations for procedures in each chapter. If the video has a specific goal so you know what it is supposed to accomplish and what it is not supposed to accomplish, you can move forward to direct your efforts in the next steps to fulfilling that goal.

Videos are good at fulfilling some goals and not so good at others when another form of communications might be preferred. Here are some examples of goals well suited by videos.


Goal Solution Video Strength
Convey positive feelings about a company, a product, a brand name, a mission statement A video shows employees, customers, or citizens on the street interacting positively with your product or program so that positive virtues are depicted; the viewer senses emotions of loyalty, pride, generosity, well being Videos can transfer emotional qualities to the viewers
Deliver the same set of company policies to employees throughout a nationwide company A video shows the CEO presenting company policies, the need for them, their importance, their value to the company and the common purpose of both management and employees; the viewers all receive the same information, the same logic, the same motivational points to follow the policies and succeed Videos can deliver a uniform message to an audience, especially useful if the intended audience is dispersed; on the other hand,  a written document may or may not be read and furthermore, different managers would all deliver the message in different manners
Improve safety by showing the proper way to complete a procedure A video shows why the procedure needs to be done, when the procedure should be done, all the steps in the procedure, and how the procedure is done correctly with close-up views of the parts that are hard to see; the video also highlights especially sensitive steps and illustrates how to troubleshoot problems; it repeats parts that are hard to grasp in one exposure Videos can capture the attention of the audience and keep its focus aimed at what is important; it can efficiently show something spacial that is complicated to describe, like a motion, a pattern or a direction
Entice the viewer to donate money A video shows a societal need for a service and people benefiting from the activities of the organization; it conveys the attitude and ability of the organization to do the job Videos can illustrate a situation that is not obvious and bring attention to it as well as direct emotion into it
Give a tangible item to attendees of an event that will remind them of the sponsors A video showing participation of the sponsors recreates the event in an abbreviated form Videos can capture the energy of an event and recreate the feelings that accompanied it for the participants



Full Duck can help you identify your goal and plan to create the video your organization needs. Full Duck has worked with professionals in the education, computer, accounting, telecommunications and energy industries, documenting their processes and reflecting this mix. You can keep costs down by establishing a clear vision about the purpose and use of the video.

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