Full Duck Productions

Since 1990, Full Duck has offered a full deck of written and visual communications services, specializing in low-budget video production.

Foothills Animal Shelter, Jefferson County, Colorado

Scooter and Rosie Two Adopted Dogs

Scooter and Rosie Two Adopted Dogs

Foothills Animal Shelter is a non-profit, public-private organization, whose primary mission is the care, adoption, and reuniting of relinquished and abandoned animals in the Jefferson County, Colorado, metro area, along with public education about animals and animal care.

Full Duck began working with Foothills Animal Shelter to help get animals adopted through videos back in the old facility when it was known as Table Mountain Animal Center. Full Duck has documented dog walks, adoption fairs, surgeries and activities at the new FAS updated facilities as well as produced ads for fund-raising events.

This video clip Adoptable Cats, produced by Full Duck Productions, presents current cats available for adoption. As turnover is high, the effort was to give a quick sense of each cat’s personality and behavior, drawing potential new owners in to see a specific animal. The video was displayed on the FAS website until FDP produced a new video the following week. Cat adoptions increased with the extra exposure of the photogenic felines.


Increase cat adoptions by showing off adoptable cats, especially the ones who live socially in the cat colonies. The video would have only one to two weeks of shelf life before those cats would have moved away into homes. Consequently the video didn’t warrant heavy duty editing, but needed to show enough of each cat to give more of a sense of it than a simple still photograph, which was the usual media for representing their current population.


Full Duck used a hand-held camera and followed cats around the cat colony spaces, attempting to get each one in an activity. Cats being cats, this was not always possible, but the coloring and demeanor of each cat was always apparent. Minimal editing with a musical background enticed the public to come take a look at the group of cats, if not a particular one.

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