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The Harmony Project

Colorado Harmony Project

Colorado Harmony Project Student/Musician Cheltenham Elementary

Conceived by an innovative group of educators, this educational project has kept Full Duck busy documenting its activities since its inception in 1999. Artists and musicians are paired with teachers in public schools where together they teach units on literacy, math, history and other academic subjects. Children learn the academic lessons as well as how to focus, plan, present a project, and best of all, how to enjoy learning.

Challenge: Document an innovative educational program supported by a private foundation and a non-profit musician’s union. The program pairs artists and musicians with Denver Public School teachers to use art and music as tools to deliver academic lessons. Show how the program intensifies student focus, gains teacher and administrative support, brings a joy in learning to the classroom and thereby changes school culture.

Solution: During the pilot year 2000-2001, Full Duck Productions videotaped students, teachers and artists in classes; presentations of art shows, plays, dances, fashion parades and musical events; and teacher-artist meetings throughout the program. Full Duck also interviewed students, teachers, artists and administrators individually. From the resulting array of materials, Full Duck wrote and edited a video that has successfully encouraged other teachers and schools to adopt the program and other benefactors to support it. The video told the story of the program by having the participants in the program do all the speaking and the images of the final products and presentations illustrate the program accomplishments.

The video demonstrates the enthusiasm of teachers and students for the Harmony Project. The teachers and artists describe how they have integrated the arts into the classroom to enhance achievement in literacy and math. They also state the benefits they have seen in increased participation, climbing reading skills, better memorization, more focused attention, growing parental involvement and a sense of achievement. The students show their commitment to the activities and attest to their joy in learning.

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    December 11, 2022

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