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Trout Unlimited – Evergreen

Stream renovation activity in Bear Creek at O'Fallon Park

Stream renovation activity in Bear Creek at O’Fallon Park

For this video documenting the renovation of Bear Creek to improve its habitat for trout fishing, Full Duck videotaped people from the non-profit organizations, public agencies and private companies that came together as they participated in volunteer cleanup day for the creek, shrub and tree plantings and the dramatic activity of changing the creek bed itself. Full Duck made the final video even more compelling by using additional footage of the many ways the public uses the park and archival footage of the story of public parks and fish hatcheries. The video educates the viewer about fishing habitat and motivates the viewer to use public parks responsibly.

Challenge: Working with a set budget, document the renovation of a streambed to enhance habitat for trout and improve fishing for the public using the Denver public park. Over a period of serveral months, acquire footage of constuction activities, interviews and volunteer efforts. Edit into a short program suitable for client agencies and a longer program suitable for broadcast release to public channels.

Solution: Full Duck first secured before tape footage and reserved time for after shots of the park area. Full Duck attended all activities with construction, volunteers and park usage and acquired footage and interviews as extensively as possible. Full Duck visited other sites of water sources, pollution and public and private usage and interviewed at least one person from each agency involved. Finally, Full Duck edited the longer video and duplicated it to make a shorter version in a non-linear video editing suite, while keeping hours within budget level.

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